♥ Calamity 101 for Babies and Your Income Tax ♥

Same month (August) last year, this torrential rain and heavy flooding had already happened. The difference is that this one’s hanging around for a longer time. I remember I was 8 months pregnant during last year’s Habagat‘s rampage and I got so stressed. Today, I’m in the (thank God) comfort of my parents’ home with the mister and kulisap. For now, I opt not to worry about our houses in the South and in the North. Fortunately, we never experienced any tremendous flood in this part of Manila but being a mom skyrockets my worries.  I figured my ‘emergency stock’ should have my son’s needs. It’s hard to be prepared, but it’s harder not to be.

I just realized that when you have baby it’s necessary to have the following in your emergency lists, my survival kit version 2.0:
1. Milk Formula
2. Sterilized Water
3. Biscuits
4. Ready to Cook Soups
5. Lots of clothes and sheets
6.   Rechargeable Fan/Radio/Light
7. A rope and a harness and a whistle
8. Flashlights and batteries
9. Powerbank.
10. Diapers
11. Raincoats
12. Rainboots
13. Family size umbrellas
14. Vitamins and basic meds
15. Baby toiletries and first aid kits
On another note, with this calamity a lot of NGOs, foundations, charitable institutions and even Gov’t agencies will be open again to accept donations in kind or in cash. BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT DONATIONS TO CALAMITY VICTIMS ARE ACTUALLY CONSIDERED BY BIR AS TAX DEDUCTIBLES? You read right! From what I know, donations to ACCREDITED NGOs (such as Philippine Red Cross, ABS-CBN Foundation and GMA7 Kapuso Foundation) and to the DSWD (or any Gov’t agencies) are all allowable tax deductions as long as you get a Certificate of Donation. If you donate to a NON-ACCREDITED organization the maximum deductible is 10% for an individual and 5% for a corporate entity. The accreditation is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Finance.
I decided to write about this (as I heard it in GMA7) to inform and/or remind everyone who may be interested of this small benefit from donating but ofcourse, the greatest benefit will always be the overwhelming feeling that we were able to touch others lives, in our own humble ways and that we were able to help our fellowmen. Best maybe to help now and inquire later about this thingy – DONATIONS being TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
Still no sun the whole day, no rainpour as of writing but the skies aren’t clear yet.
Keep safe and alert you all and let’s #PrayforthePhilippines .